Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Prenancy : Week 21

So at week 21(5 months)! I'm now past my halfway mark. How time flies!
This second time around, i feel that time flies so much faster. Probably because i have an active toddler to look after, time just swift by so fast I hardly have any time to cherish the moment. Unlike having the first, i can observe my belly grow daily.....take time to talk and feel the baby...etc
But great news is that baby have been really active since we entered 21 weeks. I can feel her moving and kicking daily. Frankly speaking, i do feel rather scared this time around. I guess its because I KNOW how labour feels like. hehe....and the pain is NO JOKE. While pregnant with the first, i have no idea what i was in for. anxious yes but not scared. This time, anxious + scared.

I don't feel ready nor prepared at all for labour yet. I guess because this second pregnancy was unplanned and it sort of happend miraculously! She's a miracle. Unlike having my first, we tried for more than a year and i was so eager to be pregnant i was SOoooooooo ready. :)

Our last checkup confirmed that we are having another Girl! :)
She is very strong and healthy. Doctor says she is doing very well. My placenta was a little low last month but now its up. Doctor noticed a fibriod growth. But ensured us that it is not harmful nor cancerous at all. Its just a piece of hard meat there, and it will grow following the pregnancy but most likely will shrink after birth. Thats something that kinda bothered me a little.

At the moment, baby's position is transverse. Meaning her head is on my left and her legs on my right. Though im now only in my 2nd trimester and still there is plenty of time for baby to move. Hopefully she gets into the right position soon.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pureen Mozzie Repellent (Rekito)

With a Toddler around, we tend to be extra careful wherever we go as living here in Malaysia, there are mosquitos everywhere. And we try our very best to minimize any form of contact our baby/toddlers have with them. Though sometimes it is inevitable, I do go to great lengths to ensure that my child is protected. I have tried many mosquito repellent liquids and this one from Pureen is my latest purchase. It cost about RM16.90. Smell very nice, DEET free,Alcohol Free, and safe for children.

However, do take note that it is recommended for children above 1 year of AGE. So better don't spray this on babies. There are other repellents suitable for babies too.  Even with my 2 year old, i don't spray this directly on her skin. I will only spray them on her clothes or if we are sitting down, i will spray this on the chair of some other objects near her. So far it works pretty well in preventing mozzie bites. :)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ducth Lady Sweetcorn Milk (Special Edition)

My recent shopping at Jusco had me chance upon this uniquely flavored drink! Sweetcorn!
My little toddler is a picky eater. And she does not like her milk, therefore im always in a hunt for great tasting milk that she would drink willingly. Here is something special. Sweet corn flavored milk! It says its special edition so i don't know how long it will be in the market. But little princess is willing to drink it so its all good.

Pregnancy Week 18 : Moving yet?

Though this is my second pregnancy, I'm still unsure if i can actually feel my baby move on a daily basis.
I was almost certain i could feel the baby moving during my 3rd month of pregnancy. I was quite sure because hey, i was pregnant before and i KNOW it when the baby moves. I wasn't sure until at least 5 months.
I haven't been feeling my baby move for the past few days and casually mentioning that to the hubby makes him worried sick. He kept on asking me if baby's moving. hehe......well, i'm not THAT paranoid. I think baby is doing fine. Felt some movement last night.

I'm pretty curious as to when do you start to feel your baby move? and do you feel it daily?

I also am seeing stretchmarks all over my belly now. Not surprised. I had it REAL bad during my first pregnancy. Hope its not as bad this time around. Currently im using the stretchmark cream from cocoa butter. Hope that helps. I bought L'ocittane almond oil last time around but it smells too strong for my liking, and not to mention expensive too.  I heard some people uses Bio oil. I wonder if i should try that.

this is the L'occitane almond oil i have. However, i would want to buy l'occitane shea butter(below) which many rave to help prevent stretchmarks. I'd probably go hunt for this during my next shopping trip. :)

Friday, 22 July 2011

My 2.5 Year Old Princess

My little Princess is now 2.5 Year old. I have yet to start her on any classes yet.
I'm now thinking to send her to some sort of a playschool. However, I have not found any that is suitable. I do worry about her social skills as she is most of the time playing by herself and me only.
Whenever we bring her out, she gets excited when there are other children playing at the playhouse or playground. She will automatically want to play with other children. I guess she will be very happy when the new addition comes :)

Although she is not schooling yet. I am not the least worried about her physical or mental dexterity because I can see that she is a bright kid. She totally wowed us with her many vocabs and usage of words that it bewildered me where and how does she learn all that?! Part of the credit should go to Playhouse disney/ Disney Junior i'd say.  Especially her favourite few cartoons like Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Cloe's closet, Jungle junction, Little Einstein... to name a few.
Though I ALSO credit Playhouse disney/Disney Junior for her misbehavior such as Sulking, learning to Cross her hands and go "hmmpphh".....and talking back...etc! argghh.....That drives us nuts at times. Daddy at one point was at the verge of disconnecting the TV and throw it out of the room. OH well, we win some, we loose some i suppose.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Food Aversions and Cravings During Pregnancy

This second pregnancy, I realized that I have not much of a food aversion. I only discovered that i i don't quite like coffee as it makes me want to vomit. Coffee is my favourite drink! hehe.....well....after A&W rootbeer. Before pregnant, i have to have at least a cup of coffee a day. Now i reduce my intake to 1-2 cups a week.  Other than that, I can eat almost anything.

As for my previous pregnancy. I realized that I can't take 2 things. 1. Onions.  2. Prawns.
These 2 food are my favorite food! However, i just couldn't take them during my pregnancy. Just the smell of onions and the taste will make me want to vomit. :)

As for food cravings, I crave for different food at different stages. So far my food cravings have been rather unhealthy. Mostly fried and oily foods like McDonalds, KFC chicken, Roti canai, satay.....etc. :P

To balance off my unhealthy diet. I try take more fruits and drink more healthy drinks like barley or soyabean.
Now im craving for some apples. Lets get one to munch on now. :) Seeya!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

16 Weeks (Pregnancy)

With Baby No.2, I had a more rough first trimester compared to my first. No wonder people say no pregnancy is the same.

I'm  now at week 16. It means that I am in my second trimester. Somehow this time around, time flies by much faster.

During my first trimester. I had bouts of vomiting sensation. Many many times although i only actually vomited once. However the vomiting sensation was there most of the time. I had to have sweets in my mouth else i feel this bitter taste at the back of my mouth. Other than that, i also had some allergic reaction towards prawns and seafood. After i had a piece of prawn, my whole lip itches and become red. I also suffered from dry and itchy patches on several parts of my body.

I don't remember having this during my first pregnancy. I must say that my first pregnancy was pretty smooth sailing. I only remembered 2 occasions that i was quite ill during the first trimester of my first pregnancy. The first was during the early stage of pregnancy where I haven't found out that i was pregnant and so I had fresh oysters at a buffet while celebrating mom's birthday.BIG MISTAKE! haha....i went home and suddenly felt all sick...and then vomitted like never before. (I'm not the type like vomits easily). I thought i suffered from food poisoning. But then we discovered that i was actually pregnant days later!
The second time i felt terrible was when i was down with a bad case of flu and had to stay in bed. That was pretty much it. The rest of my pregnancy was a breeze until about 8 months onward when it became a little uncomfortable.

So, back to now at 16 weeks. I'm feeling MUCH better. I don't have any vomiting spells anymore (yey!). The itchyness on my skin is also gone. I'm able to take prawns again. However, i still have the pain on my heels which started about the same time as this pregnancy. So far i've gained about 5kgs(in 4months). Hopefully i will only gain an average of 1kg per month instead of 2 like my previous pregnancy. Trying to control my food intake this time.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Second Time Mom

I'm currently a WAHM(Work at Home Mom).
I have a 2.5year old toddler girl. She is my world and my life pretty much revolves around her at the moment. And then recently we found out that we are pregnant again!! I guess this is another milestone for us and another new beginning . Here we go again... :)

I'm now 16 weeks along. Being pregnant the second time is very much different from being pregnant the first time. We are much more calmer and compose. However, to me, it is very stressful as i'm handling a 2.5year old toddler and morning sickness at the same time! The first trimester was horrible.....such a rollercoaster ride. My girl was going through this "terrible two" phase and ohh my.....I almost lost it and succumb into this emotional outbreak.However, thank God that it wasn't a longggggggggg phase.  Little princess grew out of her tantrum showing in about less than 1 month. Now she is such a darling and behaves really well. We kinda suspect her reaction was due to her growing teeth (2 at the back). It was probably irritating her alot and thus her irrational attitude.

Our last checkup shows that baby is growing well. We estimate baby's arrival to be end of December. EDD 29th Dec. Lets see how it goes. In the mean time, we would like to pamper our girl a little more before baby's arrival. :)

New Blog!

Hi there,

So here I am, finally setting up my new blog! I'm glad I manage to do this as it is longggggg overdue.
I had intended to set up a mommy blog since my first child 2years ago. However, I never came about it as I could not settle on the blog name. Most importantly i could not decide if i want to go anonymous or transparent.

Anyway, here i am with my new felicity blog and name FelicityMom! :)
Hope i get to update often.