Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pureen Mozzie Repellent (Rekito)

With a Toddler around, we tend to be extra careful wherever we go as living here in Malaysia, there are mosquitos everywhere. And we try our very best to minimize any form of contact our baby/toddlers have with them. Though sometimes it is inevitable, I do go to great lengths to ensure that my child is protected. I have tried many mosquito repellent liquids and this one from Pureen is my latest purchase. It cost about RM16.90. Smell very nice, DEET free,Alcohol Free, and safe for children.

However, do take note that it is recommended for children above 1 year of AGE. So better don't spray this on babies. There are other repellents suitable for babies too.  Even with my 2 year old, i don't spray this directly on her skin. I will only spray them on her clothes or if we are sitting down, i will spray this on the chair of some other objects near her. So far it works pretty well in preventing mozzie bites. :)

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