Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Up since 5.30am...

OK. Its now 9.30am. And BOTH my girls Princess#1(age 3.6) and Princess#2(6months) are WIDE AWAKE SINCE 5.30am!!! Goodness me....anyone can feel my pain?

Sleepless Nights.......here we go again!!

With my first child, I had sleepless nights for many months until she finally was able to sleep through for at least 4 hours straight. Those times was dreadful and left me dead tired day in day out.

However, as i mentioned in my previous post, my second princess was a lot easier! or so i thought. sigh.....
She was able to sleep long hours and able to sleep through the night by 2nd month. BUT!!! but but but......this have since changed for the past month or so. I have no idea what i did wrong but suddenly, she just couldn't sleep for long hours anymore! And.....she became highly active and wide awake in the middle of the night! Mostly between 4am-8am. My goodness....I am exhausted beyond words. By the time she goes to sleep, its already 8am in the morning....and in 2 hours time, Princess #1 awakes!! ahhh....helpppp!

Baby is turning 7 months old in a couple of days and suppose to be sleeping through the night already. I really need help!!
I wonder what went wrong? and how can i help her sleep through? oh i hope this nightmare ends soon.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Welcome Baby Princess V!!

Wow how time flies....I almost forgot i have this blog. I must say, ALOT have happened.
Baby V was born on 22nd Dec 2011!! a couple of days short of christmas! She is turning 3 months old next week. How time flies!
Look at the amount of exclamation marks im using. Haha....you can tell i'm super excited to be a second time mom. Indeed every baby is different. Princess P and Princess V is quite different although there are similarities between them. Princess V is much easier to take care of. As compared to her sister. Perhaps i'm much more prepared and experienced too. Still, i'd like to give her credit. She is an easy baby to take care off. She doesn't cry for no reason and she is very easy to please. Loves to talk!! and smiles a lot.
I love both my princesses very very much. I love being a mom, its such a satisfying job!
Well, hope i have more time to update this blog. Till next time!