Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Prenancy : Week 21

So at week 21(5 months)! I'm now past my halfway mark. How time flies!
This second time around, i feel that time flies so much faster. Probably because i have an active toddler to look after, time just swift by so fast I hardly have any time to cherish the moment. Unlike having the first, i can observe my belly grow daily.....take time to talk and feel the baby...etc
But great news is that baby have been really active since we entered 21 weeks. I can feel her moving and kicking daily. Frankly speaking, i do feel rather scared this time around. I guess its because I KNOW how labour feels like. hehe....and the pain is NO JOKE. While pregnant with the first, i have no idea what i was in for. anxious yes but not scared. This time, anxious + scared.

I don't feel ready nor prepared at all for labour yet. I guess because this second pregnancy was unplanned and it sort of happend miraculously! She's a miracle. Unlike having my first, we tried for more than a year and i was so eager to be pregnant i was SOoooooooo ready. :)

Our last checkup confirmed that we are having another Girl! :)
She is very strong and healthy. Doctor says she is doing very well. My placenta was a little low last month but now its up. Doctor noticed a fibriod growth. But ensured us that it is not harmful nor cancerous at all. Its just a piece of hard meat there, and it will grow following the pregnancy but most likely will shrink after birth. Thats something that kinda bothered me a little.

At the moment, baby's position is transverse. Meaning her head is on my left and her legs on my right. Though im now only in my 2nd trimester and still there is plenty of time for baby to move. Hopefully she gets into the right position soon.

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