Thursday, 15 March 2012

Welcome Baby Princess V!!

Wow how time flies....I almost forgot i have this blog. I must say, ALOT have happened.
Baby V was born on 22nd Dec 2011!! a couple of days short of christmas! She is turning 3 months old next week. How time flies!
Look at the amount of exclamation marks im using. can tell i'm super excited to be a second time mom. Indeed every baby is different. Princess P and Princess V is quite different although there are similarities between them. Princess V is much easier to take care of. As compared to her sister. Perhaps i'm much more prepared and experienced too. Still, i'd like to give her credit. She is an easy baby to take care off. She doesn't cry for no reason and she is very easy to please. Loves to talk!! and smiles a lot.
I love both my princesses very very much. I love being a mom, its such a satisfying job!
Well, hope i have more time to update this blog. Till next time!

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